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The House of Curls


Dedicated to bringing the ultimate, long lasting curls with no heat damage to the market, new professional hair care brand The House of Curls were looking for somebody to bring their patented technology to life.

Technical drawings of the Curlyo™ silicone hair curler were drawn up and passed over to the manufacturer to enable them to tool up the product ready for mass production. The Curlyo™ has thermochromic properties to identify to the user the temperature of the hair curler. At ambient temperature, it's a cool turquoise but when the right amount of heat is applied, the curler glows bright white, indicating to the user that the curler is at the right temperature and no more heat should be applied. Once the curler returns to it's original turquoise colour, the user knows to remove the curler from their hair and that a long-lasting curl has been created.

Thermochromic Technology

Extensive rounds of prototyping were undertaken to find the right thermochromic change that was relative to the amount of time required to heat the hair to the correct temperature. The silicone hair curler allows for low heat styling which is kinder to human hair and it was found during testing that it would take 15 seconds to heat up the core of the product to 70°C. Therefore the thermochromic properties were mixed to match this time/temperature setting.


Product renders were created for use on product packaging, product brochures and online content and allowed the brand to start to take shape ready for the big product reveal at Cosmoprof Bolgona, the world's biggest hair and beauty trade show.

Product packaging concepts and brand identity created by Alistair Lawson,, brand photography by Barry Jeffery, and clothes styling by Kate Jeffery.

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