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The Dynamic 8 is Gripple's highest load rated wire tensioner, capable of supporting loads of up to 3125kg. The D8 was developed for use within multiple Gripple markets. In agriculture the Dynamic 8 will be used to anchor and brace fencing and trellising structures. In the construction sector the Dynamic 8 will be used to sling up catenary wires that span open ceiling spaces in large industrial buildings such as warehouses and distribution centres where no direct vertical anchor point is available.

  • Efficient - Multiple rounds of development using various NPD exercises ensured the D8 was optimised for material efficiency.

  • Safe - Capable of supporting up to 3125kg.

  • Robust - The new Dynamic 8 has been designed with all wire terminations in mind, creating the most user-friendly wire entry experience of any Gripple wire joiner/tensioner.

  • Easily Tensioned - Developed alongside Gripple's new Contractor Tool XL ensuring all 8mm wires can be easily tensioned.

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