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The OBL wire hanger is Gripple's offering to the own brand label market and is tailored to customers who require a product that  represents their brand. The modular design allows the housing to accept any 1 of 3 button designs and further customisation is offered through laser etching customer logos and colour selection of plastic components. The product has been designed with high speed automated assembly in mind and huge embodied carbon savings can be seen when compared to the obsoleted product that Gripple used to offer to this market.

  • Versatile - The hanger is compatible for use with 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm diameters of steel wire rope.

  • Safe - Capable of supporting up to 70kg safe working load with a 3:1 factor of safety.

  • Modular design - The B-LOCK, BIZLINE and OBL wire hangers have been designed so that a range of button designs can be selected for use with the product, creating multiple SKUs offering personalisation to customers.

  • Designed for automation - The new OBL wire hanger has been designed with automated assembly in mind, for production efficiencies.

  • Embodied Carbon Savings - Reductions in embodied carbon have been made through extensive optimisation of load bearing material, smart material selection and investment in a high speed automated assembly process. 

  • Customisation - The product is laser etched with a customer's logo and further customisation is offered through selection of button design and colour of plastic components.

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