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The second generation of Gripple’s B-LOCK Wire Hanger enables quick and safe suspension of MEP building services. The B-LOCK wire hanger features an updated, intuitive design that provides savings in embodied carbon when compared to the first generation product.

  • Versatile - The hanger is compatible for use with 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm diameters of steel wire rope.

  • Safe - Capable of supporting up to 70kg safe working load with a 3:1 factor of safety.

  • Modular design - The B-LOCK, BIZLINE and OBL wire hangers have been designed so that a range of button designs can be selected for use with the product, creating multiple SKUs offering personalisation to customers.

  • Designed for automation - The new B-LOCK wire hanger has been designed with automated assembly in mind, for production efficiencies.

  • User friendly - The new housing design features a prominent wire entry that helps communicate to the user how the product should be used.

  • Embodied Carbon Savings - Reductions in embodied carbon have been made through smart selection of materials and investment in a high speed automated assembly process.

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