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Spinning; The process of turning fibres, either of plant or animal origin, into yarn by hand using a spindle or spinning wheel.

Spinning as a craft has devolved since the industrial revolution and it is estimated that currently, there are only 51-100 skilled crafts people in the UK able to spin to a professional standard (Heritage Crafts Association, 2018). KRAFFT aims to introduce spinning to a new audience through a new product format and an updated material palette. A functional product as well as a conversational object, SW1 is is as much a piece of furniture for the home as it is a tool to engage with making.


"A real stand-out piece".

Stephen Briars - Creative Director, The Conran Shop

Product Features

  • Brass toned, anodised aluminium metal spinning with beech timber components, all assembled to a powder coated steel frame. 

  • Stepped drive pulley, allowing the choice of two gearing ratios.

  • Spring loaded bobbin assembly, eliminates the need to remove the drive band when it's time for a bobbin change.

  • Nylon bearings and precision machined crank components create a smooth, treadle mechanism.

Embracing the behaviour that spinning wheels are a furniture piece, the KRAFFT wheel's contemporary styling allows the wheel to be an extension of a room's décor.


Updated Format

A new format was created for the product that raised the drive wheel to the highest point within the design. This highlighted the wheel within the design of the product and made it a dominant feature of the design. This new format along with the brass toned anodised aluminium metal spinning gives the wheel a real presence within a room.

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