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Designer. Maker. Creative Thinker.


Associate Member - Chartered Society of Designers

SUKŌCHI: PENDANT - Made.com TalentLAB Collection 04

SUKŌCHI: WALL - Made.com TalentLAB Collection 04

Craeftiga Award - 2018 Shortlist

'New Designers 2018 - One To Watch' - Hole & Corner

Arts & Crafts Design Award 2018 Winner - Merit Award

'Great Northern Graduate 2018' - GNCCF

I'm a Yorkshire based product designer and recent graduate achieving a first class honours degree from the Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield Hallam University. I enjoy tackling the unfamiliar. Taking on a project where I have no past experience with a particular product or industry allows me to start my creative process with no preconceptions. I believe this is where truly unique ideas and products originate. I currently work full time as a professional product designer whilst furthering my own design practice. For me, design is as much a passion as it is a profession.