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Past projects, sketches, prototypes, inspiration and photography. Just a general collection of stuff that I find cool.

Wave Chandelier
Wave Chandelier
Endless Wall Lamp
Endless Wall Lamp
Husqvarna Svartpilen Headlamp
Husqvarna Svartpilen
First prototype of my arduino concrete curing sensor
Connect modular sofa
Knitty lounge chair
Kibu Headphones
TMA 2 Studio
Diagonal Pool Table
Bioscleave House
max football table
Xbos Series S
Photographing the KRAFFT SW1
Ctype Chair
World of Volvo  Timber Construction
Community market hall
Rainbow Office Building
Centre Pompidou Malaga
Community market hall
Xbox Series X S
Sugamo Shinkin Bank by Emmanuelle Moureaux
Joyful: The Aesthetics of Joy
Magis Spun Chair
Archways in a corridor of CASA BATLLO
4D Gaudi Inspiration Experience at CASA BATLLO
4D Gaudi Inspiration Experience at CASA BATLLO
The columns at Park Guell
Park Guell
The viaducts at Park Guell
Exterior windows on a building at Park Guell
Sagrada Familia
Staircase inside Sagrada Familia
Feature above doorway at Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia Interior
A sculpture on Antoni Gaudi
Casa Battlo ticket stub
Photograph of investment casting foundry
Contractor Tool XL prototype
Photograph of the KRAFFT SW1 prototype
Close up photo of the bobbin
Selection of media that featured the KRAFFT SW1
Exhibiting the KRAFFT Spinning Wheel at New Designers
Photgraphing the SUKOCHI: PENDANT
Concept sketch for the SUKOCHI: PENDANT
SUKOCHI: ideation sketches
Squirtle sketch
BBQ sketch
Solidworks model & keyshot render of the Panton Chair
Solidworks model & keyshot render of the Panton chair
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