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I've always had a passion for commercial product design. Taking a product from conception right through to production is something I take pride in. I'm constantly building my knowledge base by working with new materials, processes and markets as I believe this is where I will grow as a designer and where I thrive. Undergoing a project with no preconceptions is often where I produce my best work.

View my career to date below, or download a pdf copy of my CV here.

August 2018 - Present

Returning to the ideas and innovation department working solely on Gripple new product development and product improvement projects was my first step into commercial product design after graduating from university. The role involved working with the design team either a project lead or assistant designer to deliver new product development projects, primarily in the building services industry.

Gripple Ltd/Loadhog Ltd

September 2016 - September 2017

Taking a year out of study to work in industry with Sheffield based sister companies Gripple and Loadhog was a great first experience of commercial design. Focusing on solving commercial problems, the role involved ideation of concepts and seeing those right through to production and eventually into the hands of the customers. During my time at Gripple I was responsible for the creation of the Cable Basket Clip, a product accessory to support the launch of Gripple's new suspension system.